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I am software researcher and developer with 7 years experience currently living and working in Tokyo.
I have a PhD in distributed, parallel, and embedded systems.
I sometimes play the saxophone.

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I have worked on and supervised a number of projects. Below is a sample:

  • Custom Operating System for Embedded Devices
  • Wireless Sensor Network Simulator using XEN
  • GPU parallelisation of a weather simulator
  • Custom Multi-platform Virtual Machine
  • Webapp to maximise airline miles and minimise cost
  • Nationwide School Curriculum Development


As well as writing code, i can also write words and can even say them out loud:

  • Wrote & presented peer reviewed publications
  • Collaborated with researchers across different disciplines
  • Built and overseen international research collaborations
  • Written 3 theses as well as technical documentation
  • Written and given many talks and lectures
  • Participated in international standardisation activities

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